Jayda D’Agostino is 16 years old and currently in Year 11 at high school. 

Jayda is an all round performer studying singing, piano, guitar, dance and drama.  She has had the opportunity to perform at many events on stage and television, particularly in her home state of Perth, Western Australia.

Jayda is a keen songwriter and started writing her own original songs at the age of 10.  She has received a number of local and national song writing awards including being a finalist in both the 2013 & 2016 Music Oz Australian Independent Music Awards and placing 9th in the 2016 Australian Songwriting Competition.  Jayda's original song "Stand" won for Song Performance in 2017 at the Fairbridge Festival Quest and one of the prizes was the opportunity to perform on the Backlot Stage at Fairbridge Festival 2017.  In 2019, Jayda's latest original song "I'm Alright" was nominated for the West Australian Music (WAM) Song of the Year in the Schools 15-17 category.

"I'm Alright" was written, music and lyrics by Jayda D'Agostino in 2018 and produced, recorded and mixed by Troy Nababan.  "I'm Alright" seeks to identify the internal conversations we have with ourselves when faced with a difficult situation, ultimately convincing ourselves with the mantra "I'm Alright" that we have the strength needed to face whatever the situation may bring.

Jayda's original songs are available for streaming on all major platforms or you can listen to them under "Original Music".  You can also view some of her covers via her YouTube Channel -

For further information please contact, Tania D'Agostino @