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  1. I'm Alright


[Music and Lyrics by Jayda D’Agostino]
[Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Troy Nababan]

Let’s get this going
We don’t want to be there first
How are you feeling?
Little scared but it could be worse
You know, they’re going to be there
So I’ll stick right by your side
You’re sure you can do this?
Well I’ve got nothing to hide

You know I dressed like this for you
Did my hair like this for you
Cause you just couldn’t be true
Do you feel it?
Did you wear that shirt for me?
Hang with them all just for me?
Act like that so I can see?
Do you feel it?

Cause we, we’ve got all night
Siting’ the corner on your phone
While I sing our break up song
You thought, I’d be alone
Well I can do this on my own
And I might miss you but for tonight
I’m gonna be
I’m alright
I’m alright
I’m gonna be
I’m alright

So, I can see you
Looking at me from over there
Mixed signals, are we friends again?
Cause the silence is hard to bear
They tell me, I should leave it be
But it’s getting kinda hard
For you, it’s not as bad as it seems
But for me it’ll leave a scar


So you’re coming over now
I guess we’re speaking now
It’s been four weeks and now
Oh, why you leaving now
It’s just getting started now